Why Manuka Honey Is Your New Must-Have Beauty Remedy

Why Manuka Honey Is Your New Must-Have Beauty Remedy - TURNER New Zealand

Everyone’s out there looking for the right beauty choices to give them strong, healthy skin, and glowing hair and nails.  Most people will rely on sources like collagen and shea butter.  Both are linked to better skin and hair health, but they won’t give you a full profile when looking for the best beauty remedy to prevent premature aging and radiating beauty daily.  For that, you’re going to want to look at something a little...sweeter -- literally.


The deal with Manuka honey

If you’ve heard about raw Manuka honey from New Zealand already, then you know it’s a hot topic for those who are looking at blending natural ingredients with actual, noticeable differences in skincare.  There are three focus areas that Manuka honey can help with for a better beauty regime.  These include:

  • Your skin
  • Your hair
  • Your diet

This hard-working, natural sweetener from NZ is going to be the logical choice for helping you enjoy your best and most beautiful self every single day.  Here’s what you’ll want to know about each potential problem area.


Manuka honey for your skin

The skin often shows signs of aging before anything else does.  Since it takes a lot of abuse between cosmetics and just general environmental damage, pampering it will help you enjoy strong, glowing skin that won’t add fine lines or wrinkles prematurely.  When used properly, New Zealand Manuka honey helps boost collagen production in your skin for line-free and smooth, strong skin. 

This comes with multiple benefits for your skin, of course. This includes moisturization and that healthy glow.  There are three ways to put it to use!


As a cleanser

Mixed with a dab of water, this will work well as a general skin cleanser and will help you gently wipe away dead skin cells, bacteria, general grime, and even cosmetic leftovers. 


As a mask

Whether you want to see it as a hydrating mask or an exfoliating mask, it’ll work seamlessly as both.  Simply mix with coconut oil or aloe vera for that creamy feel and liberally apply it to your face and body.  After it dries, gently wipe it off and you’ll enjoy clean, strong, and hydrated skin.

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As a spot treatment

Whether it’s pigmentation issues from eczema or stubborn acne breakouts, a dab of pure Manuka honey will help fix the problem at its root to offer up faster relief literally overnight.  So much better than those heavy and expensive creams that never really work anyway.


Can hair benefit from Manuka honey?

Manuka honey benefits infographics

Next on the list is just how helpful raw Manuka honey from New Zealand will be specifically for your hair.  Most of us spend hours working on our hair, only to have it looking a little lackluster when we need to shine.  Grab back your time and effort by relying on Manuka honey. Its benefits include:

  • Strengthening hair and follicles
  • Moisturizing hair and follicles
  • Adding shine and luster
  • Repair damage to hair and roots
  • Improve your hair’s growth
  • Support you in having longer lengths without breakage


Manuka honey can be added to your shampoo, used in place of a conditioner, or even mixed into a hair mask to offer even damaged hair and a dry scalp a chance to replenish themselves. Naturally containing a high MGO content and fused with UAF1000+ for even more antioxidant power, this is going to be considerable support in giving your hair the health it needs for strength, shine, and length from root to tip.


Don’t forget your diet

The last way to add New Zealand Manuka honey to your daily beauty regime is through your diet!  When you enjoy it as a sweet addition to tea, by the spoonful as a little sweet treat, or even added to salads, soups, and more, it’ll give you some great general health perks, too.  The healthier you are, the healthier your entire body will be, after al.  Great skin and hair start with a healthy body.


Digestion support

One of the best details of this honey is that it is well-loved for its digestive support.  In helping push food through your system and promoting more comfortable digestion in and of itself, it also helps boost nutrient absorption to give more use out of your regular day-to-day diet.  It can even help you lose weight since food on the move can often make us feel a little heavier.


Delicious natural sweetener

Need sugar in your tea?  Perhaps jam on your toast?  Replace both with this raw honey.  It’ll give you your sugary fix, and it will be a lot better for you than either of those other options, both of which are loaded with refined sugars.

This will also be an excellent sweetening option for replacing those chemical sweeteners that often are the go-to for those looking to reduce their sugar intake.


Satisfies those sugar cravings

If you are prone to craving sugar, you’ll be relieved to know that Manuka honey not only replaces a lot of the harmful sugar with its healthiest and most natural version, but it can also work wonders on your sugar cravings!  Just let a mouthful melt in your mouth, and you’ll find that’s all you need to help you resist the package of donuts in the pantry.


A diet loaded with sugar can prematurely age your skin and make your hair brittle.  This is especially so because common sugary foods also lack other nutritional values.  Replacing them with this nutritious Manuka honey will offer you a healthy and straightforward replacement that will provide you with so many benefits that you won’t know what to do with them.


The key to enjoying healthy, glowing skin and long, healthy, lustrous hair is to use the right tools in your healthy choice toolkit.  Whether you want this as strictly a topical option for your skin or hair or as a “one and done” choice by adding it to tea and numerous other food choices, it’s going to be an instant winner for your tried and tested beauty routine!