What’s the Deal With Antioxidants?

What’s the Deal With Antioxidants? - TURNER New Zealand

What causes free-radicals?

Something called oxidation creates free-radicals in the body. Oxidation can be brought on by factors like stress, pollution, processed foods, and chemicals — AKA: nothing good. Thankfully, that’s where antioxidants come in to save the day. 

The Beauty of Antioxidants 

So, what do these powerful compounds do? Antioxidants are known for:

  • Fighting against harmful free-radicals
  • Slowing the signs of aging
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Improving eye health
  • Providing an all-natural lift in energy

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Get Your Fill of Antioxidants With These Nutrient-Rich Foods:

Grapes - Grapeseed extract and grape seed powder are potent antioxidants, providing nourishing benefits to the body. Studies show that these antioxidants work to reduce inflammation, helping to alleviate muscle pain and leave your mobility feeling improved.

Beetroot - While you may not have it with every meal, maybe you should! Beetroot is a food that is incredibly high in antioxidants, helping it to provide some profound health benefits. From improved blood flow to better exercise performance and so much more, this superfood should be a go-to in your diet.

Carrots - Carrots contain two different antioxidants, both of which are proven beneficial for the heart. One of those antioxidants — carotenoids — is actually what gives your carrot the orange color you know and love.

Raspberry - The compounds within raspberries create a wonderful recipe for reducing oxidative stress and have you feeling like yourself again. Raspberries are high in antioxidants, providing impressive health benefits — including being a great source of fiber!