Super Reds Supplements: What Do They Do And Why Do I Need Them?

Super Reds Supplements: What Do They Do And Why Do I Need Them? - TURNER New Zealand

It seems like there’s always some sort of new nutrient or vitamin you need to be worrying about, leaving many to feel as though they are constantly missing out on something. Tired of always feeling like you’re in the dark when understanding red fruits and vegetables and why they’re good for you? You’re in the right spot! Here’s what you’re going to want to know about their true power (and why it matters)!

What’s so special about red fruits and vegetables?

What makes these red fruits and vegetables so special when it comes to the idea of adding super reds capsules to your diet regularly? It comes down to two factors, health-wise. 

  • Carotenoid levels: These are pigments that are naturally found in red fruits and vegetables. As you can probably guess, it’s what makes these fruits and vegetables red! Some of the most common ones are lycopene and beta-carotene. From beets to carrots to raspberries, carotenoids give them their color!
  • Antioxidant level: Especially potent in antioxidants, red fruits and vegetables are amongst the best sources to enjoy dedicated properties that are naturally lower in other kinds of fruits and vegetables, according to Natural red pigments from plants and their health benefits: A review [1].

Sure, that’s great, but what does it actually mean for your overall nutrition and health profile in general? Take a look.


How does this help me?

When it comes to the actual details of your wellbeing and overall nutrition, you’ll find most of the perks come from the idea of protecting your body against diseases and chronic conditions that could be in the future for many [1]. This is part of why they get so much attention, even amongst nutrition and medical experts. 

As far as specifics are concerned, studies have shown that having reds as part of your regular diet will work preventatively against different kinds of cancer and cardiovascular diseases [1]. Another study, Polyphenols and Human Health: Prevention of Disease and Mechanisms of Action [2], explains that they can also help in protecting the brain from neurodegeneration, such as that found with Alzheimer’s Disease. 

While reds shouldn’t be seen as a cure, it is reassuring to know that you can work preventatively if you feel you are at risk of any of these chronic conditions. 

How do they actually work?

There’s a lot of studies, too, in understanding how they work. Researchers believe that the polyphenols spread through benefits through interacting with the cell pathway [2]. By helping improve cell function, they will also detect and then fix abnormal cells [2]. Abnormal cells, of course, can be warnings of cancer or the beginning stages of neurodegeneration.

The true importance of a supplement

So, now that the importance of reds is evident, you have to find the right way to actually add them to your diet! According to Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables [3], your plate should be at least half full of fruits and vegetables, and that includes your green, yellow and red. If you fill that plate with the proper amount of all of your fruits and vegetables, there won’t be room for much else!

Enter the best super reds supplement. Available in powdered or capsule form, this will be a simple addition to your diet, whether with your morning glass of water or in a protein shake. Loaded with all of the nutrients you need, this will help you effectively strengthen your body by giving it the nutrients that it could be missing from other sources. All with the convenience of a sustainable dietary supplement.

More than just a name, TURNER is a movement dedicated to doing everything it can for everyone who wants to treat their body better. TURNER’s products are sustainably sourced right from clean, unpolluted New Zealand for their best nutritional effects. These dietary supplements will strive to do more every time, believing and supporting the true power of natural healing.

Prevention will be a great way to help you feel at your best for as long as possible. For all of the right reasons, super reds can help you take a better step towards a healthier life and give you a bit of extra support for keeping you in good health. Not bad from a single color, right?


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