DIY Rolled Oats and Manuka Honey Face Mask Recipe

DIY Rolled Oats and Manuka Honey Face Mask Recipe - TURNER New Zealand

Skincare should always remain a crucial part of your daily routine.  Cleansers and moisturizers are great, of course, but what about when you’re looking to enjoy something that goes a little deeper?  That gives your skin that touch of self-care that you need?  A skincare mask is one of the best things you can rely on.  But there’s no reason that you have to go out and get something unnecessarily complicated and expensive when simple and homemade ingredients will do just fine -- if not better!


Rolled Oats and Manuka Honey - An Effective Combination

This is one of the easiest last-minute face masks to make.  These ingredients can be found in almost every kitchen cupboard: rolled oats, cane sugar, and Manuka honey. This homemade peel removes dead skin cells, stimulates the skin’s blood circulation, and makes it more receptive for further skincare products. In addition, it’ll help freshen your complexion and give it that rosy glow that you aim for.

DIY Manuka Honey Beauty Mask Recipe

How to make and use this distinctive skincare mask:

  1. Warm 1 tablespoon of TURNER Manuka Honey UAF1000+ until it is soft and smooth.
  2. Add 2 tbsp of rolled oats and 1 tbsp of cane sugar to the Manuka Honey.
  3. Add a dash of water or milk until well-mixed and consistent in texture
  4. Spread this rolled oats and Manuka honey mask on your face, making sure to avoid the eye area.
  5. Leave it on for 10 minutes for the best effect. Why not use this time to unplug and enjoy some mindfulness? When 10 minutes have passed, gently wipe from the skin with gentle circular movements.  For best results, use a soft, clean face cloth.

When you’ve finished, your skin will glow.  It’s also now able to absorb skincare products much better.  The perfect opportunity to try out that new restorative nighttime serum or that lightweight morning moisturizer!


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Tip: This natural skincare mask makes a lovely gift for someone special.  Put it into a decorative glass jar and add a bow for an aesthetic effect. Apply a honey and oat mask once a week – Be on the lookout for our DIY recipe